Coupons don't have to be this boring. 

Coupon pages are a pretty limited canvas. For the Kroger MyMagazine, we're limited to their specific fonts, an awkward L-shaped visual space, and even specific language and tone restricts the copy.
However, after learning a few new insights about these shoppers and their affinity for tips, tricks, and do-it-yourself projects, my copywriter and I challenged the client to try something new. We presented them with two concepts for an upcoming "Spring Cleaning"-themed coupon: a traditional layout with a stock image hinting at the spring season, or, a custom in-house photoshoot integrating their product with a simple seasonal cleaning tip.
They went for it. 
 What was even better, however, was the photoshoot allowed us to capture even more than needed for this one layout. We were then able to create a stop-motion animation for use on social channels, where their brand has even more engagement. 
Round 2: Summer Entertainment
Continuing the simple, seasonally-relevant tips & tricks theme, we planned bigger & better for this round. 
As with the previous layout, the photoshoot lent itself to another social post with a whimsical stop-motion GIF.

WIP Animation Preview, not final (02/2019)

Beyond animation, we were also able to capture some beautiful photos that will be used on their social channels and website, engaging shoppers with recipes and new ways to use their product.
Client: Georgia-Pacific
Brand: Sparkle®

Art Director: Brian Hayes
Copywriter: Carrie Schneider
Photographer: Lisa Valley

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